Lash Extensions


The most natural looking lash extensions, perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes but want to enhance the length of their natural lashes. Classic Lashes are the most common and are a beginner’s lash set. It uses a synthetic mink-like lash with a 1:1 ratio.


The lightest lash extensions we offer. Choose this if you like to get Classic or Hybrid extensions and want an upgrade. They enhance your natural lashes in a subtle way. They are light, fluffy, and soft. They can be slightly more dramatic or more natural based on your preference. Perfect for someone who likes their lashes to be noticeable but not too heavy.


The most versatile lash set. It uses a synthetic mink-like lash on top of your real lashes. This blend is light and fluffy, giving your lashes a full look, and is customized to compliment your eyes.



The most dramatic lashes. Handmade lash fans are placed on each natural lash. Customized lash fans are used to create a very full and fluffy effect. Since the mega volume lashes only have a .03 diameter (the lightest available) they create a very feathery look and are the healthiest lash extensions for your natural lashes.


Fills may be booked for 2-3 weeks after your previous appointment. 70% of your extensions must remain for fills.