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What is Lamprobe?

The Lamprobe is a small, pen-like device that utilizes radio-frequency energy to remove small skin lesions and irregularities. The treatment vaporizes the moisture found in skin cells causing them to dry up and ultimately fall off until a lesion is cleared.

How does Lamprobe work?

The Lamprobe works on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat, which is released by various sized probes. A high frequency, radio wave current is conducted and attracted to the liquids on the skin’s surface, or within the skin irregularity. With a Lamprobe treatment, a small probe is used to gently touch the skin. This will vaporize the targeted imperfection while drying the affected area. Small crusts form on the treated spots; they heal and flake off in roughly 3 days to 2 weeks. Lamprobe only comes in contact with the skin’s top layer–so the lower level, the dermis, remains untouched and unaffected.

What does Lamprobe treat?

The Lamprobe can be used to treat skin irregularities such as skin tags, milia, small capillaries, cherry angiomas.

Recommended Treatment

Most skin conditions are usually gone or faded within 1-3 treatments. May repeat every 2-4 weeks (if needed for larger lesions).


Avoid direct sun exposure and/or artificial tanning products for at least 2-4 weeks prior to treatment. Discontinue photosensitizing topical products (retinol, glycolic, etc.) 1 week prior to treatment. Skin must be completely clean (no makeup, moisturizer, etc.) prior to treatment. Numbing cream will be applied to treatment area 30 minutes prior to procedure.


  • You can resume normal daily activities post-treatment.
  • Expect mild irritation, redness, and crusting on the treated areas
  • Avoid direct sunlight

Who can use Lamprobe?

Lamprobe is not available to those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Lamprobe is not recommended for those with a history of: pacemaker, scleroderma, collagen disorder, radiation or skin cancer, psoriasis/eczema, or keloid formation. Careful use with melasma and darker skin types (not for skin types IV+).

Supporting Treatments/Products

Ablative resurfacing lasers (helps smooth skin texture)
IPL (treats broken capillaries)

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum (skin brightener that protects against oxidative stress while lightening discoloration


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